At the beginning of this year while I was still working in market research, I became interested in User Research and User Experience. Fast forward to the end of Q2 2018, I became a student on the User Experience Design Immersive (UXDI) Course at General Assembly (GA), London. This was the first of four projects that we undertook.

The task was to design an interactive prototype of a mobile application for my partner, Emily. …

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So I have just created my first sticker set on LINE, and initially I thought it would take no more than an hour to upload my stickers onto LINE Creator’s market but man, it took me much longer than that. Therefore, I decided to share the process of creating stickers on LINE Creator market in detail.

Disclaimer: I will skip the sign up step and move right onto the point.

📍Cafe: (Not Just) Another Cup

Corporate workers who work nine to five often want to get out of their cubicles and go out, to get some fresh air at that point in time when your mind and body have had enough and too much to process.

And that was what my colleague and I did, we went to Not Just Another Cup cafe in Sathon Soi 10. It took only 10 mins walk from Bangkok City Tower to the cafe, and the walk was very chilling. Everything at that point in time was just right- it was not crowded and the weather was breezy with a dim of the evening ☀️. …


Pinusa 🌻

A door knocker

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